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The Right Lawn Fertilization To Keep Your Oxford Lawn Lush


Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC is the leading resource in Oxford for professional fertilization services and other lawn enhancement options like top dressing. Our goal is to provide each customer with premium services and organic products for healthy grass that's been safely cultivated.

We use a soil test to determine what your soil is lacking. There's no reason to use a one-size-fits-all approach to fertilizing your lawn because the program should be customized to the soil conditions and type of grass. Soil testing provides valuable information so we can choose the type and frequency necessary for your organic fertilizer.

Fertilization makes up for deficiencies in your soil adding supplemental nutrients. Our plan for your lawn will pinpoint what's missing and what can help improve your soil and your grass.

The Benefits Of Liquid Lawn Fertilization

As far as lawn care for Oxford properties goes, liquid fertilization can be highly effective. Some of the benefits of optioning for an organic liquid fertilizer are:

  • Fast-absorbing nutrients
  • Easily customizable
  • Quick and even application
  • Perfect for in-season fertilizing
  • Reduced risk of over-fertilizing

Liquids can be applied quickly and absorbed quickly, which can help with a more rapid approach to fortifying your grass. In some cases, this may be the difference between saving or losing your lawn. In most instances, though, we're using this approach to enhance developing grass, but you'll have quicker results with liquids, although there are benefits to granules as well.

One of the common questions we receive at Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC is about the safety level of fertilizer application concerning children and pets. Safety is always important to us, and our experts advise waiting until the fertilizer or weed treatments are dry before letting your kids or furry friends resume playing on your lawn. Liquid fertilizer requires post-application watering, but once the treatments are dry, it's safe to use the yard again as normal!

Granular Lawn Fertilizer Options

If liquid fertilization is fast-acting and effective, is granular lawn fertilizer necessary? Granular applications have their benefits and their place. One of the biggest advantages of granular fertilizer is that it's a slow-release method. For some situations, steady fertilization over time from a slow-release formula is more effective than liquids.

Granules are also better for heavier applications. Want to find out more? Give us a call.

Contact our team today to learn more about your options for fertilization in Oxford. We're eager to partner with you and provide you with the services necessary to create a lush, green lawn.