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Mole Cricket Treatment To Protect The Health & Appearance Of Your Oxford Lawn

Mole crickets

At Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC, we've witnessed some of the most extensive damage caused by mole crickets around the Oxford area. While every property impacted may not suffer this severe damage, mole cricket treatment is a wise approach to improving your yard. We offer premium service options intended to protect your lawn, such as mole cricket, fungus, and chinch bug treatment.

Our job is to help local homeowners create their dream lawns with healthy grass, taking steps to improve the wellness, vibrancy, and lushness. Having the perfect lawn to accompany the home of your dreams requires ongoing work, but it's well worth the effort.

Partnering with lawn care professionals helps to monitor for and quickly react to potential problems. We can also use preventive measures to help you avoid many common issues that arise with local lawns. If you know or suspect you need mole cricket treatment, give our team a call to schedule service.

Getting Rid Of Mole Crickets

When it comes to lawn care for Oxford homes, mole cricket treatment is critical. Mole crickets can cause significant damage because they sever grassroots while tunneling and feeding on roots and shoots, killing the lawn and destroying your property's health and appearance.

Although it's helpful to work with a professional for ongoing lawn care who can spot early signs of problems like mole crickets, there are some telltale signs you can watch for. Mole crickets tunnel, pushing up dirt like moles, hence the name. If you notice bulging earth from tunneling, it's a good indicator you have these pests.

Mole crickets tend to prefer lawns with thatch build-up, so using aeration to remove and prevent thatch accumulation helps a great deal. However, treatments are necessary to eliminate an existing population and prevent infestation. We have organic methods to use to deal with these and other pests, and we'll quickly enable you to regain control of your yard again.

Mole Crickets & Your Lawn

There's one generation of mole crickets per year, with the eggs being laid in the spring and peak damage occurring from late August to early October. These pests are nocturnal, working at night, and you'll discover evidence of tunnels and damage in the morning.

Call Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC for service in Oxford when you need mole cricket treatment. We commit 100% to ensure that your yard is protected for the best chance of success for a beautiful and healthy lawn.