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Lime & Gypsum Treatments To Address Common Soil Health Issues In Oxford

Lime gypsum treatments

Lime & Gypsum Treatments are integral to improving your soil conditions in Oxford. At Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC, we conduct a soil test to determine your soil levels, which helps us decide what method to use for enrichment. We'll amend the soil using lime or gypsum, depending on the information we receive from conducting your soil test.

We offer a range of crucial treatments meant to improve your yard. Whether it's lawn fungus treatments or treating pests, we'll take the steps necessary to improve your soil, grass, and overall property.

If your soil's pH is under seven, we can use lime to balance the pH levels, rendering your soil less acidic. Gypsum is used to add calcium and sulfur while removing sodium, but the process can't increase soil pH. We'll resolve existing issues with your soil using lime & gypsum treatments, so your yar has a better chance of developing into the beautiful outdoor oasis you've always wanted.

Lime Lawn Treatment

How do you know if you need lime lawn treatment? As the top choice for lawn care for Oxford and surrounding areas, we'll be able to determine what's wrong with your soil and how we can improve it. Some signs that your property would be a good candidate for lime & gypsum treatments could include:

  • Brown Spots
  • Patchy Spots
  • Weedy or Mossy Lawns
  • Yellowing Grass
  • Clay or Sandy Soil

Adding lime helps restore depleted nutrients, which helps repair the damage. Adding lime can help cleanse the soil and add nutrients that grass needs in order to grow and thrive.

Although the change may not happen overnight, you'll begin to notice a difference early on. Once the treatments have time to work, you can achieve a beautiful lawn, the type of grass you thought you could only dream of. Nutrients help your yard grow vibrant and lush but also reduce adverse effects caused by heat, drought, and heavy foot traffic or use.

Gypsum & Your Lawn

Before using Lime & Gypsum Treatments, it's important to know why it's effective and what it can do. Some reasons why gypsum is good to use:

  • Increase air circulation
  • Remove salt
  • Enhance soil structure
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Prevent water run-off

Contact Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC for a soil test, and let's start working on measures that will improve your grass for a beautiful, healthy lawn. Contact us today to learn more about lime & gypsum treatments for your Oxford area property.