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Oxford's Fire Ant Control Specialists

Fire ants

Fire ant control is an essential part of caring for your Oxford property. Let Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC provide you with services necessary for keeping conditions safe for you and your family, like fire ant and mosquito control.

While many of our services are geared toward helping our customers create perfect grass, some are about making your yard safe for your loved ones. It doesn't matter how stunning your lawn looks if the area is infested with pests that pose a safety threat and can compromise your family's well-being. While only a small percentage of people are actually allergic to fire ant venom, the resulting bites are painful and can still land someone in the hospital.

Make fire ant control a priority this year before the peak season for outdoor recreational time rolls around. Let's work together to make sure your yard is a safe place for your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy.

Fixing Fire Ant Problems

Creating a balanced ecosystem is integral to lawn care for Oxford properties. While it may surprise you, fire ants do serve a purpose and provide some benefits, such as tick control and reducing the presence of plant-eating bugs that can damage or destroy your lawn.

However, the problem with fire ants is that they can quickly become a nuisance and infestation too, and one that's a painful reminder of why you don't want them in your yard. The problem is that you or your children or pets may not even notice a fire ant mound; you'll begin to feel the stings after they've started, and by then, it's too late!

Fire ants are fiercely territorial, attacking anyone who comes within close proximity of their nest. They work together to attack, causing sufferers to sustain multiple bites in a short period, and it can be enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room for treatment.

We have methods to use for organic control based on the severity of your existing problem. In many cases, it's about a defensive barrier to prevent fire ants from moving in, to begin with.

Proactive Full-Yard Treatments

The best kind of fire ant control is the proactive, preventative type! Our goal is to help you avoid developing a fire ant problem in the first place.

In the event that you already have these nasty insects in your yard, we'll work to eradicate the problem. Call Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC when you need fire ant control in Oxford or nearby communities.