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Soil Testing To Custom Tailor Your Oxford Lawn Care

Soil testing

Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC always uses soil testing as the first step in any lawn care program. To determine the type of plan that would be best for your Oxford property, we must know what kind of soil we're working with. This helps us determine the nutrients needed and choose between services such as lawn top dressing or aeration to improve the health of your grass.

Think of testing soil as the first part of gaining insight into the place your lawn calls home. A better understanding of the soil and dirt helps determine many factors moving forward, including whether organic or traditional lawn care would be the better choice. The goal is to devise a program that veers away from relying heavily on chemicals to achieve your yard goals.

Contact us today to request soil testing, and let's learn more about your property. Eventually, we'll be able to use this information to our advantage to help you create the lawn of your dreams.

Customized Lawn Treatments Start With A Soil Test

Lawn care for Oxford homeowners has to be customized based on individual goals but also on the specific type of soil you have. Soil testing is an integral part of success for lawn treatments.

Organic or Traditional lawn care depends on maintaining proper soil health with significant amounts of organic matter and active soil organisms. Using this method dramatically lowers the number of chemicals required to artificially promote health and growth for your grass.

A soil test will provide homeowners and us with information about what the soil could be improved. A typical example would be discovering that your soil is deficient in magnesium or calcium. This information lets us know when and how to apply organic fertilizer or other products meant to correct what's missing.

Call us for testing and gain excellent insight into your soil's nutrient status and pH. The sooner you arrange for testing, the sooner we can begin fixing your soil to grow healthy grass and plants.

Schedule Your Soil Test Today

Contact Organic Lawn Solutions, LLC and let's schedule your soil test. This will give us information about nutrients such as:

  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium
  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

Call us now for soil testing in Oxford, and we'll also provide you with a free estimate for lawn care services. Let's work together to create the yard you've always wanted for the home of your dreams.